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Arreglos de navidad, todo en decoración de navidad para su hogar, tenemos regalos únicos que no encontrará en otra parte, hermosos objetos diseños exclusivos que le dará un toque de distinción y de calor navideño a su casa.


Sammy Snow Blowing Wreath
88312  $40

Make a big impression with this giant snow globe sure to attract plenty of attention with holiday spirit and song. On/off switch starts the blizzard inside the snowman's globe, while 8 holiday songs including "Jingle Bells", "We wish you a Merry Christmas", "Silent Night" and more play. Globe is surrounded by faux greenery trimmed with lights, snowflake ornaments and a lacy bow. Requires 3 "AAA" batteries (not included). 18"Dia.

Revolving Decorated Tree
 83027  $40

Nothing lights up your holiday festivities like this revolving fiber optic Christmas tree. Enjoy a spectrum of changing colors with brilliant fiber optic sprays and lighted ornaments while the tree rotates around the base. Measures 30"H.

Merry Christmas Music Box
 81143  $40

Lift the lid of this handsome music box to reveal a wonderful 3-dimensional miniature Christmas world and enjoy a favorite holiday carol. This happy holiday scene depicts Santas galore, skating, sledding and delivering gifts and sparkles with fiber optic light. Elegant box bears a brass plate with the inscription "Merry Christmas" on top. Requires 3 "AA" batteries (not incl.). 5"H x 7"W x 5 1/2"D. Made of plastic

IN-4/4624    $15

A Dozen Santa Mugs.

These plastic mugs are a festive take-home party favor for kids! Fill these cute cups with candy, small toys and other yuletide treats for a fun holiday surprise. Featuring a jolly Santa Claus design and candy cane-shaped handle, these mugs are also perfect for serving punch and other Christmas beverages. 8 oz.

IN-4/2350   $15

A Dozen Reindeer Mugs.

 Kids love getting these plastic mugs in their Christmas stockings! In red, blue and green, these red-nosed reindeer cups are perfect for serving punch and other holiday beverages at your wintertime bash. You can also fill these festive glasses with candy and small toys for a unique yuletide party favor! 8 oz.  

IN-4/1416   $15

A Dozen Snowman Mugs

Snowman Mugs. Celebrate the winter season with these festive plastic mugs! With a cute snowman design and candy cane-print handles, these cute cups are perfect for serving punch and other holiday drinks. You can also fill these mugs with candy and small toys for a unique Christmas party favor! 8 oz.

IN-4/3051   $15

A Dozen Gingerbread Man Mugs

Gingerbread Man Mugs. These plastic mugs are a holiday party essential! Your gingerbread men will go great with the hot chocolate and cider served in these cute cups! Brimming with striped handles, these jolly drinking cups will hold both warm and cool spirits during your festive gatherings. Stuff them with candy for a tastefully cute place setting presentation! 8 oz.

IN-4/1303  $30

 Holiday Porcupine Character Assortment

50 Pieces

Holiday Porcupine Character Assortment. Have these “cool” vinyl porcupine characters on hand for gift bags or stocking stuffers for all your Christmas festivities! Assortment may vary. 2 1/2"H.

IN-4/2278   $30

Snowman Bendables

 4 dozen per unit (48 Pieces)

Snowman Bendables. These vinyl snowmen won’t freeze in one position! Bend and pose them any way you want! Dressed for the weather in blue, red and green winter gear, these frosty friends make excellent Christmas stocking stuffers or holiday party favors. (4 dozen per unit) 4"

IN-4/1488  $30
Bendable Holiday Characters

Bendable Holiday Characters. Everybody loves bendables! Kids love getting them in their stockings; grown-ups get a kick out of them at a festive place setting. These Santa, snowman and reindeer characters will spread holiday cheer at any yuletide gathering! Also, these posable friends make great additions to gift boxes and presents! (4 dozen per unit) 4 1/4"

IN-4/3056  $25
A Dozen Reindeer Bendables

Reindeer Bendables. Bend, twist and pose these vinyl reindeer any way you want! Dressed for winter in boots, mittens and scarves, these cheerful characters make great favors for a holiday party or other yuletide gathering. A fun Christmas stocking stuffer! 3 3/4"

IN-4/2108  $30
A Dozen Plush Motorized Holiday Characters

Plush Motorized Holiday Characters. Busy as can be as stocking stuffers, these plush motorized Christmas characters are in a holiday spin! Kids love pulling their strings and watching them twirl around! 4"

IN-4/3280  $30
A Dozen Plush Long Arm Reindeer

Plush Long Arm Reindeer. These plush pals flew in from the North Pole! Hang these festive stuffed animals from all the doorknobs in your home for a fun way to decorate for Christmas! Each arctic reindeer wears a winter scarf and has touch fasteners on its front hooves. A great holiday stocking stuffer! 8"

IN-4/3101  $30
Plush Long Arm Holiday Characters

Plush Long Arm Holiday Characters. Hang one of these plush buddies from every doorknob in your house for a cheerful yuletide decoration! In snowman, gingerbread man, penguin and Santa shapes, these Christmas characters are also fun to tuck in stockings. Kids love them! Each festive character comes with touch fasteners on its hands. 8"


IN-4/4066  $30
A Dozen Angel Name Ornaments

Angel Name Ornaments. It‘s easy to personalize these resin Christmas tree ornaments! Just use your own permanent marker to write a name or greeting. They make ideal favors for a holiday party and can turn any Christmas tree into a family tree! Each dangles three yellow stars. 3 1/2"

IN-4/3078  $30
A Dozen Peppermint Candy Gingerbread Man Ornaments


Peppermint Candy Gingerbread Man Ornaments. So cute! These resin ornaments look like homemade treats made just for your Christmas tree! These gingerbread men with peppermint tummies make excellent holiday gifts for anyone who loves to bake. You can also tie these adorable cookie ornaments to gift bags and presents for a delicious-looking accent! 3 1/2"

IN-4/2704  Out of Stock
A Dozen Snowman Snowflake Ornaments

Snowman Snowflake Ornaments. These resin snowman ornaments make a truly personal holiday gift! Trimmed in iridescent glitter, these frosty friends will add a wintry shimmer to your tree or wreath. Easy to personalize with your own permanent marker, these ornaments can also be used as gift tags on Christmas presents. 3 1/2"

IN-4/4250  $30

A Dozen Jingle Bell Reindeer Ornaments

Jingle Bell Reindeer Ornaments. Made from real bells, these rustic metal reindeer heads are ornaments that are sure to add whimsy and a little holiday jingle to any tree, wreath, mantel or door. 2 1/2"

IN-4/2896  Out of Stock
A Dozen Snowman Jingle Bell Ornaments

Snowman Jingle Bell Ornaments. This holiday season, add some jolly jingle to your Christmas tree with these wintry ornaments! Frosty and fun, these smiling snowmen can also be tied to yuletide presents for a unique gift accent. Each resin snowman has a metal jingle bell body. 2"

IN-95/2802  Out of Stock
A Dozen Christmas Santa Ornaments

Christmas Santa Ornaments. Add some holiday cheer to any Christmas tree or wreath with these adorable resin Santa Claus ornaments! Dressed for winter in the classic red outfit, these jolly Santas also make great accents when you tie them to packages, gift bags and more. 3" - 3 1/2"

IN-4/4341  $30
A Dozen  Santa’s List Ornaments

Santa’s List Ornaments. Have you been naughty or nice? Drop a hint to Santa by hanging this jolly personalized resin ornament from your tree! Use your own permanent markers to add your child’s name to Santa’s list. Also great as a tie on a wrapped gift. 4"

IN-4/2158  $30
A Dozen Photo Frame Ornaments

Photo Frame Ornaments. Turn any Christmas tree into a family tree by adding holiday photos of loved ones to our wooden ornaments! They make fun place cards and gift tags, too! 4 1/2" Photo space measurements vary from 1 1/4" x 1 5/8" - 1 3/4" x 1 7/8".

IN-95/2171  $30
A Dozen Celadon Green Snowman Ornaments

Celadon Green Snowman Ornaments. This group of hand-painted resin snowmen will look very fashionable on your tree. Each snowman ornament features a winter hat, scarf and carrot nose! 4"

IN-4/4324  Out of Stock
4 dozen  Bright Character Ornament Assortment
48 Pieces

Bright Character Ornament Assortment. This holiday season, give these cheerful resin ornaments to everyone on your gift list! This jolly collection of Santas, snowmen, reindeer and other yuletide characters will add a touch of festive fun to any Christmas tree. 2" - 4" (4 dozen per unit) Assortment may vary.

IN-4/3230  Out of Stock
A Dozen Tropical Santa Ornaments

Tropical Santa Ornaments. These vacationing Santa's are surfing, sunning and having fun! Whether you hang them on your tree or tie them to gifts, they’ll create a merry tropical mood. Resin. 2 1/2" - 3 1/2"

IN-95/2950  $20
6 pcs set Cowbell Farm Animal Ornaments

Cowbell Farm Animal Ornaments. Add a country touch to your Christmas tree this holiday season with these barnyard animal ornaments! These working metal cowbells are shaped like little cows, pigs and sheep. A thoughtful gift for anyone who loves the farm! (6 pcs. per set) 1 1/2" - 1 3/4"

IN-4/3780  $30
A Dozen Santa And Snowman Ornaments

Santa And Snowman Ornaments. Add a truly personal touch to your Christmas tree with these Santa Claus and snowman ornaments! Festive and fun, these cute decorations can also be used as gift name tags on holiday presents and packages! Personalize with a permanent marker. 3"

IN-4/4308  $30
A Dozen Christmas Character Photo Frame Ornaments

Christmas Character Photo Frame Ornaments. This jolly assortment of 3" resin ornaments includes reindeer, gingerbread persons, Santas, snow persons and penguins and each one can hold a 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" photo of one of your own holiday characters. Hang them from your tree or use them instead of name tags on gifts. They make whimsical place cards, too!

IN-95/2551  $30
A Dozen Blue Snowman Ornaments

Blue Snowman Ornaments. Decorate your Christmas tree with these adorable snowman ornaments! Each frosty winter character wears a blue hat and scarf to complement your holiday decorations. You can also tie these resin ornaments on holiday packages for an extra special gift. 3 1/2"

IN-6/733  Out of Stock
A Dozen Angel Ballerina Ornaments

Angel Ballerina Ornaments. Girls love to decorate their rooms or their lockers with these pretty ballerinas! Perfect as party favors and gift tie-ons, each 5 1/2" tricot angel has a nylon tutu and matching wings plus posable wire-lined legs

IN-4/4327  Out of Stock
4 Dozen Holiday Icon Ornament Assortment
48 Pieces

Holiday Icon Ornament Assortment. Deck the halls with Santa and all his pals! These resin ornaments will add some holiday cheer to any Christmas tree. You can also tie them to yuletide gifts and packages for a cute accent your friends and family will love! (4 dozen per unit) 2" - 4" Assortment may vary.

IN-4/2811  $60
Snowman Ornament Assortment
50 Pieces

Snowman Ornament Assortment. Deck the halls, presents, trees and more with this fleece “frosty” bunch! Tie them on gifts and share them with friends at your winter carnival! Blend these playful snowman characters in with your holiday décor! (50 pcs. per unit) 3 1/2" - 4 1/2" Assortment may vary

IN-4/5788  Out of Stock
A Dozen Whimsical Holiday Pins

Whimsical Holiday Pins. Wear some holiday cheer with these clay dough pins! In snowman, Santa, reindeer, teddy bear, kitty cat and other merry shapes, these little buttons are fun to attach to jackets, handbags and more! A cute Christmas gift idea or goody bag treat! 2" - 2 3/4"

IN-4/4122  $20
A Dozen Holiday Rubber Duckies

Holiday Rubber Duckies. Not your everyday rubber quacker, these vinyl duckies are all dressed up for the holidays! Use them as stocking stuffers and party favors and remember to put a few in the guest bathroom to amuse your holiday guests. Assorted styles. 2"

IN-4/2225  $20
A Dozen Snowman Candy Cane Cover Ornaments

Snowman Candy Cane Cover Ornaments. To turn your own candy canes into tasty ornaments or festive party favors, just slip one of these one-piece felt snowman covers onto each one. 6"

IN-4/679  Out of Stock
A Dozen Photo Frame Ornaments

Photo Frame Ornaments. Make your snow angels the feature act by placing their pictures in these holiday ornaments! Santa, Snowman, elf frames and more make very merry ornaments for your trees or atop wrapped presents! Capture the memories and smiles this Christmas season! Plastic. Approx. 3" with a 1 1/2" photo space.

Angel Name Ornaments
$30  Per Dozen

Angel Name Ornaments. It‘s easy to personalize these resin Christmas tree ornaments! Just use your own permanent marker to write a name or greeting. They make ideal favors for a holiday party and can turn any Christmas tree into a family tree! Each dangles three yellow stars. 3 1/2"


Dancing Angel Ornaments
$30  Per Dozen

Trim your holiday packages or decorate your Christmas tree with these little painted metal angels! Dressed in cute frocks, these merry cherubs will add a heavenly touch to wreaths, gifts and more. 4"


Ballet Girl Ornaments
Per Dozen

Ballet Girl Ornaments. Adorable resin figures for your favorite dancer! Dressed in tiny tutus, these pretty ballerina ornaments make excellent Christmas gifts for all the students at your dance studio! You can also tie these whimsical little girls to holiday gift packages or tuck them in stockings. 4"


Ballerina Bear Ornaments

Per Dozen

Ballerina Bear Ornaments. Let these sweet resin bears “pirouette” on the branches of your Christmas tree or tie them to presents. They'd make charming keepsake gifts for members of your daughter's ballet class, too! 3"



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